Unlocking the Potential
of Human Community

Most adults spend two thirds of their lives at work.
It should be spent doing something amazing that leaves a legacy.

Our Workplaces Need Healing

Hopeis fragile
Trustis scarce

Our Workforce is Fragile

  • Stress levels
  • Workload
  • Absenteeism
  • Mental health issues
Source: 2012 Re-visiting Work-Life Issues in Canada

How much do you trust each institution to do what is right?

Source: 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer
25% believe messages from CEOs are credible
9% of organizations have high-trust environments
5% of employees say they are working to their full potential
Source: 2016 HOW Report by LRN, 2014 HOW Report by LRN

Trust is a Powerful Enabler

Source: 2016 HOW Report by LRN

An Inspired Workplace
Massively Human

People aredesigned forpurpose
The workplaceis designed forproduction
PurposeProductionBalanceOrganizations are in balance when purpose encompassesproduction. In an inspired workplace, the circle of anorganization always leads the triangle.ImbalanceOrganizations are imbalanced when production encompassesthe purpose. When the triangle leads the circle, anorganization will fail to inspire the workforce.
  • Heart
  • Community
  • Takes Risks
  • Why 
  • Vision
  • Meaning
  • Collaboration
  • People
  • Mind
  • Authority
  • Manages Risks
  • How and What
  • Performance
  • Measurement
  • Directives
  • Systems

Building an Inspired Workplace

Name organizational reality

  • Us versus Them
  • Status quo performance
  • Decision paralysis
  • Low engagement
  • Isolation

Invite shared ownership

  • Influence leaders
  • Articulate shift

Design inspired workplace initiative

  • Learning methodology
  • Leadership growth

Link to business objectives

  • Strategy
  • Hiring
  • Organizational excellence

Reach tipping point 10%

  • Vision and values
  • Trust networks
  • Shared experience

Promote wins

  • Waiting lists
  • External affirmation
  • New innovation
  • Talent retention

Multiply impact

  • Innovation
  • Management

Workplace Community unlocks organizational potential

  • Enhance creative problem solving
  • Create employee ownership
  • Maximize organizational learning
  • Grow leadership capacity
  • Establish deep trust networks

The Inspired Workplace Quiz

How inspired is the workplace at your company?
Take the quiz and rate your company.

Rate the following from 1 to 10
(1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

Our company workplace environment is characterized by relationships of trust.

Rate the following from 1 to 10
(1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

Leaders across all levels of management in our company inspire their teams to perform.

Rate the following from 1 to 10
(1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

Our leaders have regular opportunities to learn and network in peer learning environments.

Rate the following from 1 to 10
(1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

Our employees act like owners more than renters.

Rate the following from 1 to 10
(1 is lowest and 10 is highest)

We have a culture that fosters creative problem solving and risk-taking.

41-50 - Very strong

[Circle and triangle in balance]

Maintain culture supports.

36-40 - Strong

[Triangle a little bigger than circle]

Supplemental support of culture may be needed.

30-35 - Fair

[Triangle larger than circle]

Key culture supports to be renewed or established. Some values degradation.

5-29 - Poor

[Triangle dominates]

Values degradation. Organization neglecting growth of employees and risks talent loss.

As a leader your impact can grow

  1. Appeal to values to help employees sees themselves as ‘owners’
  2. Create safe space to think, reflect and relate for yourself and your team to enhance learning and growth
  3. Show transparency to others so they can relate with you as a person
  4. Help your team connect to purpose in a way that is meaningful to them
  5. Foster the growth of informal organizational networks to grow trust

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